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101202_영작문_6_형태와 발음에 따라 단어를 나눈다.
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Rule 8
 Divide words at line-ends, in accordance with their formation and pronunciation.
 같은 줄에 단어를 다 넣을 수 없는 경우, 형태와 발음에 따라 단어를 나눈다.
A. Divide the world according to its formation
 Know-ledge; Shake-speare; de-scribe; atmo-sphere;
B. Divide "on the vowel"
 edi-ble; porpo-sition; ordi-nary; espe-cial; reli-gious; oppo-nents; regu-lar; classi-fic-cation; deco-rative; presi-dent
C. Divide between double letters, unless they come at the end of the simple form of the world:
 Apen-nines; Cincin-nati; refer-ring; but tell-ing.
자음(consonants) 조합 처리 방법
for-tune; pic-ture; presump-tuous(건방진); illus-traion; sub-stan-tial(둘중 하나 사용 가능); indus-try; instruc-tion; sug-ges-tion; incen-diary;
** Elementary Principles of Composition
Rule 9
Make the paragraph the unit of composition: one paragraph to each topic.
작문의 단위는 단락- 한 단락에 한 화제만을 다룬다.
< 길이가 길 경우 두단락으로 나눌 수 있다>
  A. Account of the work.
 B. Critical discussion.
<a report on a poem>
A. Facts of composition and publication.
B. Kind of poem; metrical form
C. Subject
D. Treatment of subject.
E. For what chefly remarkable.
F. Wherein characteristic of the writer.
G. Relationship to other works.
A. 구성 및 출판 관련 사실
B. 시의 종류, 율격
C. 주제
D. 주제 처리
E. 주목할 만한 부분
F. 작가의 특색이 드러나는 부분
G. 타 작품과의 관련성
<a Novel>
A. Setting
B. Plot.
C. Charaters.
D. Purpose.
A. 배경
B. 구성
C. 등장인물
D. 목적
<a historical event>
A. What led up to the event
B. Account of the event
C. What the event led up to.
A. 사건 배경
B. 사건 전개
C. 사건 결과
 Rule 10
 As a rule, begin each paragraph with a topic sentence; end it in confomity with the beginning.
A. the topic sentence comes at or near the beginning;
B. the succeeding sentence explain or estabilish or develop the statement made in the topic sentence; and
C. the final sentence either emphasizes the thought of the topic sentence or states some important consequence.
1. Topic sentence.
Now, to be properly enjoyed, a walking tour should be gone upon alone.
2. The meaning made clearer by denial of the contrary.
If you go in a company, or even in pairs, it is no longer a walking tour in anything but name; it is something else and more in the nature of a picnic.
3.The topic sentence repeated, in abridged form, and supported by three reasons; the
meaning of the third("you must have your own pace") made clearer by denying the converse.
A walking tour should be gone upon alone, because freedom is of the essence; because you should be able to stop and go on, and follow this way or that, as the freak takes you; and because you must have your own pace, and neither trot alongside a champion walker, nor mince in time with agirl.
4. A fourth reason, stated in two forms
And you must be open to all impressions and let your thoughts take colour from what you see
5. The smae reason, stated in still another form.
You should be as a pipe for any wind to play upon.
6. The same reason as stated by Hazlitt.
"I cannot see the wit," says Hazlitt, "of walking and talking at the same time.
7. The same reason as stated by Hazlitt.
When I am in the country, I wish to vegetate like the country, "which is the gist of all that can be said upon the matter.
8. Repetition, in paraphrase, of the quotation from Hazlitt.
There should be no cackle of voices at your elbow, to jar on the meditative silence of the morning.
9. Final statement of the fourth reason, in language amplified and heightened to form a strong conclusion.
And so long as a man is reasoning he cannot surrender himself to that fine intoxication that comes of much motion in the open air, that begins in a sort of dazzle and sluggishness of the brain, and ends in a peace that passes comprehension
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